Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Venice Canal" WIP 1 (work in progress) 14" x 18"

Here is the first of a demo I did for my watercolor class. I lightly drew out my design, a canal scene from a photo I took in Venice.. a typical scene, but one I've been wanting to work with in some medium... so i decided this was as good an opportunity as any.
After stapling then taping my Arches 140lb paper to a board, and mapping out my design with pencil, I blocked out the areas I wanted to remain white with Friskett. Then I had fun pouring the paint. I first wet the paper with a wide brush, (I work over my sink) , and then begin the pouring process, starting with DaVinci Hansa Yellow, then Da Vinci Red Rose Deep, and finally Da Vinci Phthalo Blue. (i mix up a small batch of each in plastic cups with water, and in each consecutive pour throughout the process I blend ina little more paint so it's deeper in color). I let them run together, I tip the board in whatever direction necessary to move the paint where I want it to go. I keep a paper towel handy to keep things clean and wipe up drips on the edges of the board. Then I am careful to let the paper dry, first laying it flat, and eventually standing it upright, watching it until I know it's dry enough that it won't run together in places i don't want it to... Stayed tuned for the next stages in the next few days... Thanks for stopping by!

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